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Health Tip: Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed

Some tips on staying dry

(HealthDay News) -- Do you have a child age six or older who wets the bed? You are not alone. Up to 7 million children in the United States in this age group have the same problem.

The National Kidney Foundation offers these suggestions to help your child stop:

  • Don't have him drink a lot before bedtime. A single 8-ounce cup is usually ok, but check with your doctor. The physician may tell you not to give your child drinks with caffeine.
  • Wake him at night to go to the bathroom if he is not able to get up on his own. Although this will help him stop wetting the bed, it will not end bed wetting.
  • Try a "moisture alarm." This is a small alarm that your child can wear to bed. When she starts to wet the bed, the alarm goes off. Many children can stop wetting the bed if they use the alarm for at least three months.
  • You may want to use a calendar to keep track of your child's wet and dry nights.
  • Ask your doctor about medicines that may help.
  • Disposable underpants are available for short-term prevention.
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