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Help for Bed Wetters

Problem more common than many realize

(HealthDay) -- Bed wetting is more common than you may might think, but you can take steps to help your child overcome the problem.

The Houston Northwest Medical Center says most children are able to control their bladder by age 5. Still, up to 20 percent of children that age suffer from bed wetting. The percentage drops as children get older. Most children with the problem, called enuresis, outgrow it by the time they reach adolescence.

Several factors can cause the problem, including genetics, a stressful event like a parent going away or a sibling being born, chronic constipation that can irritate the bladder or a urinary tract infection. If your child suffers from bed wetting, contact your doctor to discuss treatment options, including reducing liquid intake before bedtime. Prescription drugs also can help, the center says.

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