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Putting Bed-Wetting to Rest

An idea that isn't all wet

(HealthDayNews) -- Bed-wetting is annoying and embarrassing for a child. There are many possible causes, some medical, some emotional. But when these have been ruled out, a common procedure is to use an enuresis alarm.

That's a device that detects when the bed starts to get wet and wakes the child so he can go to the bathroom. The gadgets are useful, but they're expensive and they only work after the bed has already gotten wet.

So the journal, Urology suggests something a bit less sophisticated, but also less expensive. And this system will keep your sheets and mattress dry. It's an alarm clock.

Estimate the time when your child's bladder should be full and set the alarm. The alarm will wake him, and he'll head for the bathroom without the urgency and discomfort that the enuresis alarms cause.

After the alarm clock has been used for four months, you can shut it off. Six months after the end of the study period, 75 percent of the children studied were still dry all night.

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