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U.S. Teens Brimming With Self-Esteem

But parent-instilled 'overconfidence' may be spurring unrealistic expectations, study suggests

Brain Scans Show Bullies Enjoy Others' Pain

Neurological 'reward centers' lit up as they watched injuries occur, study found

Counseling Can Combat Youth Violence

And referrals should start with emergency room doctors, study says

Most Parents Don't Overreact to Child Gene Tests

They weigh the results as they do family history, study finds

Kids With Parent in War Zone Face Behavior Risks

Children 3 and older more prone to act out than those without deployed kin

Caffeine in Pregnancy Associated With Low Birth Weight Risk

Women need not be frightened but should limit consumption of stimulant, experts say

Health Tip: Obesity and Your Child

Finding the right weight-loss program is essential

Grandparent Caregivers Cut Kids' Injury Risk in Half

Findings challenge widespread belief that older sitters raise likelihood of harm

Many Unlicensed Teen Drivers Put Safety Last

Driving drunk, skipping seatbelts more common for adolescents illegally at the wheel, study finds

Coconut Oil May Help Fight Childhood Pneumonia

Symptoms eased faster when it was added to antibiotic therapy, study found

Breast Milk Molecule Gives Mom's Immunity to Baby

Antibody pathway to mammary glands channels protection against intestinal bugs, study says

Kids Who Drink Before 15 Face Poor Health as Adults

They're 2 to 3 times more likely to develop substance dependence, study says

Interventions to Promote Breast-Feeding Succeed

Education before and after birth helps new moms participate, task force says

General Anesthesia Tied to Developmental Woes in Kids

But findings are preliminary, and no reason to keep children from needed surgery, experts say

Many Kids Lack Insurance, Despite Having Insured Parents

More than 3 million children fall into this category, study suggests

Infants Can Tell Happy Music From Sad

Study illustrates the rapid development of the human brain

Inactive Teens at Risk for More Behavioral Problems

Exercise reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety in adults, too, study says

Why Some Kids Are Bullied From the Start

Study finds early aggression, harsh parenting, economic status combine to make a victim

Lack of Insurance Raises Abused Babies' Death Risk

Poorer access to care may play a role, experts say

Gene Variation Found in Boys With Delinquent Peers

High-risk homes with disengaged moms defined pattern, but not for young girls, study finds

Family Income Impacts Children's Health

Big gaps exist between states, and between poor, middle- and upper-class families, study finds

Drinking Before 15 Boosts Risk of Later Alcohol Abuse

Study suggests delaying imbibing as late as possible, until 18 or older, is best

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Best for Traumatized Youths

But study also finds too many clinicians still using unproven treatments

Eating Fish, Breast-Feeding Boost Infant Development

Mom's careful choice of foods offers both physical and mental advantages, study says

Babies Who Eat Fish Lower Eczema Risk

Study found doing so before 9 months decreased chances of skin condition by 25%

Nasal Insulin Won't Shield At-Risk Kids From Diabetes

The treatment had no effect in keeping the disease at bay, researchers say

Boys as Socially Aggressive as Girls: Study

Indirect hostility by spreading rumors, gossiping, excluding others, a guy thing as well

Parental Involvement in School Has Its Limits

Overprotective moms and dads need to learn when to let go, expert says

Parenting Plays Key Role in Infant's Response to Stress

While genes affect physiological development, mom's behavior changes effect, study says

Daycare Infants Less Likely to Develop Asthma

Finding backs 'hygiene hypothesis' that early exposure to germs confers protective effect

Natural Childbirth Moms More Attuned to Babies' Cry

Finding may help shed light on postpartum depression in those choosing Caesareans

Teen Brain Might Get Hooked Easier on OxyContin

Study in adolescent mice suggests developing mind more sensitive to the painkiller

Think You Are Lead-Free? Check Your Soil

Yards, parks in older U.S. cities retain high amounts of the toxin, research shows

Research Unveils Earliest Cell Changes in Down Syndrome

Mouse study shows disturbance of regulating gene starts domino effect altering development

Kids of Stressed, Low-Income Moms Prone to Weight Problems

Anxiety may prompt the children to eat unhealthy foods, study suggests

Children of Older Fathers at Risk for Bipolar Disorder

Offspring of men 55 and older were 1.37 times more likely to be diagnosed, study finds

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy May Prompt Fetal Cell Death

Even a few glasses of wine enough to disrupt normal development, mouse study finds

Mom's Smoking During Pregnancy Ups Preemie's SIDS Risk

Fetal exposure to cigarette smoke appears to lower breathing recovery, study finds

Study Links Spanking to Physical Abuse

Those who paddled were 3 times likelier to use harsher punishments

Health Tip: Monitor the Mercury in Your Food

Pregnant women and young children should be especially cautious

Poor Sleep Linked to High Blood Pressure in Teens

Similar results have been found in studies of adults

Health Tip: Read to Your Toddler

Encourage reading when your child is young

Breast-Feeding: The Stress Buster That Lasts for Years

Researchers say mothers milk makes for even-keeled kids

Autistic Children Make Limited Eye Contact

Finding could offer doctors a chance to treat the disorder earlier

Many Women Struggle With Challenge of a Newborn

They feel isolated and stressed, as well as physically and emotionally drained, report finds

Nurturing Parents Can Cut Risk of Aggression in Girls

Teens who mature early without positive feedback more likely to choose bullying behavior

Researchers Push Aggressive Cholesterol Control in Kids

Rather than drugs, they urge early lifestyle, dietary changes

Many Kids Under 15 Watch Violent Movies

In some cases, parents encourage the habit, U.S. survey shows

Family Meals Can Help Teen Girls Avoid Drugs, Alcohol

But the study didn't find a similar effect on boys

Access Is Key to Kids' Decision to Smoke

Smoking friends or stores selling cigarettes make the habit more likely, study finds