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Health Tip: Working and Breast-feeding

Suggestions on how to manage both

(HealthDay News) - It's often a challenge when breast-feeding moms must return to their jobs.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine offers these suggestions to help make the transition easier:

  • If you know you'll be heading back to work eventually, start offering your baby a bottle for some feedings when the infant is about 3-4 weeks old.
  • Buy a breast pump and start pumping and freezing a supply of milk about two weeks before you go back to work. It's OK to supplement your breast milk with formula if you can't build up enough of a supply.
  • Try to pump every two or three hours during the day. Or do so once a day and supplement with a bottle of formula.
  • Nurse your baby right before you leave in the morning, and as soon as you get home at night. If possible, also try to work in a lunchtime nursing.
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