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Help Prevent Colic Attacks

Tips to ward it off

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(HealthDayNews) -- No one knows for sure why some babies get colic, but parents definitely know when their infant is having a colic attack. The wailing is incessant and nothing seems to soothe a colicky child.

The University of Michigan suggests how you might ward off a colic episode:

If you're bottle-feeding:

  • Have your baby sit up while feeding. This will reduce the amount of air your infant swallows.
  • Don't make the milk or formula too hot.
  • Check the nipple on the bottle. If the hole is too small, your baby will swallow air.
  • Try a new formula.

If you're breast-feeding:

  • Drink less cola, coffee, cocoa, and tea.
  • Stay off milk products for a week and note any difference in your baby's discomfort.

Whether you're breast- or bottle-feeding, try to keep the room quiet when you feed your baby.


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