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It's My Potty

Know when to toilet train your toddler

(HealthDayNews) -- If you push your tot onto the potty too soon, you risk turning the whole toilet-training experience into a frustrating one for you and your child. Kids are best trained when they're emotionally and physically ready.

According to the St. Louis Children's Hospital, some physical clues that your toddlers are recognizing feelings of full bladders include: jumping, holding their genitals, pacing, pulling at their pants, squatting, retreating to a quiet place or telling you.

Other signs your children may be ready include:
  • They understand key words such as "potty, dry, wet and clean."
  • They understand the purpose of the potty.
  • They prefer clean diapers and like to be cleaned right after they've soiled.
  • They understand the connection between using the potty and dry pants.
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