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Priming Your Toddler for the Potty

Make sure she's ready

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(HealthDayNews) -- You may wish you were done with diapers, but your 18-month-old toddler doesn't seem to share the sentiment. This is probably because she's just not ready.

Most girls show signs of readiness around their second birthdays; boys usually later. But you can introduce some pre-training concepts earlier than this.

Once your child is between 12- and 18-months-of-age, Boy's Town Pediatrics in Omaha suggests you:

  • Teach her to use words such as "pee," poop," "dry," "wet," and "clean."
  • Have your toddler watch you or her older siblings of the same gender use the toilet correctly.
  • Change her diaper often to encourage her to prefer a dry diaper.
  • Teach her to let an adult know when her diaper is wet or soiled.

Signs your child is ready to toilet train include:

  • Certain facial expressions.
  • Grunting.
  • Holding the genital area.
  • Tugging at clothes.
  • Pacing, squatting, or shifting from foot to foot.


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