Huffing For A High

Signs of inhalant abuse

(HealthDayNews) -- Kids looking for a quick high sometimes turn to "huffing," which is a form of inhalant abuse that can trigger irregular heart rhythms.

The Texas Medical Center in Houston reports that common consumer products, such as spray paint, cooking spray, air freshener and butane can be sprayed into cans and small plastic bags, or sprayed on clothes. The concentrated vapors are then "huffed" or inhaled.

Clues your child might be huffing include:

  • A drunken or dizzy appearance.
  • Slurred or disoriented speech.
  • A chronic runny nose and red eyes.
  • Erratic mood changes, such as anxiety, excitability, irritability, or lethargy.
  • Frequent sniffing of clothes.

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, professional medical help and psychological assistance are strongly recommended.

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