Health Tip: Prepare Your Child For Her Shots

Try to keep her calm

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(HealthDay News) -- Trips to the doctor are rarely pleasant for your children, and vaccination time is even more difficult with the anticipation of a shot.

Although vaccinations are a necessary part of childhood, it's not easy explaining that to a nervous child.

The Nemours Foundation suggests you try to keep yourself calm, as children can pick up on a parent's anxiety. To make the experience a little less painful, the foundation recommends talking to your children about what will happen. If you child is old enough to understand, tell her that these shots are necessary to keep her from getting sick. Tell younger children they should try to be brave, but that it's OK if they cry.

While your child is getting the shot, try distracting her by looking away and singing, counting, telling a joke or focusing on a picture or book. Once the doctor is finished, give your child lots of attention and praise. Try to plan a fun activity afterward that your child will enjoy, like a trip to the park or eating an ice cream cone.


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