Health Tip: Scared of Shots?

Help your child get through vaccinations

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(HealthDay News) - Your child's vaccinations are necessary, but knowing that doesn't make it easier for a nervous youngster.

The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions at vaccination time:

  • Explain to your child that everyone has to have these shots to stay healthy.
  • Tell younger children that it's OK to cry, but they should try to be brave.
  • Stay calm and relaxed around your child.
  • As the vaccine is being administered, try singing a song together, talking or telling a joke. Give the child something else to focus on.
  • Once the vaccination is complete, praise your child and tell him or her how proud you are of their behavior.
  • Treat your child to a fun activity or a present after leaving the doctor. Tell the child about it beforehand, to give the child something to look forward to after the shot.


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