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Decongestant Exposure Needs Closer Look

Study says pseudoephedrine for kids under 2 poses toxicity issues because of use patterns

Health Needs of Autistic Children Often Unmet

Expenses greater than those for kids with other special needs, report shows

Beware of Toxic Toys This Holiday Season

Dangerous chemicals make some playthings unfit for kids, report claims

Getting Tough on Bullying

Kids, parents and schools need to work together to stop abusive behavior, experts say

High-Fat Diet While Pregnant May Produce Obese Kids

It may lead to permanent changes in the fetal brain, study says

Death Rates Higher for Minority Children Awaiting Heart Transplant

14% for whites, 19% for blacks, 21% for Hispanics and 27% for others, study says

Obese Kids Have Old Arteries

Tests showed their carotid artery walls as thick as that of a middle-aged person

Heart Valves Fashioned From Stem Cells in Umbilical Cord Blood

They could grow with kids who are born with heart valve defects, researchers say

Childhood Food Allergies on the Rise

But researchers are working on new therapies to combat the problem

Poverty May Aggravate Asthma

Researchers found poor children had heightened immune-system gene activity

Pediatric Heart Surgeons May Be Best Choice for Adults

Study finds these doctors have better results, including survival rates

Counseling Can Combat Youth Violence

And referrals should start with emergency room doctors, study says

Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Dry Dog Food Continues

Eight more people -- mostly young children -- infected, bringing total to 79, CDC says

Powdered Milk Helps Kids Overcome Milk Allergy

Consuming higher and higher doses built up tolerance, study shows

Extended Therapy Helps Drug-Addicted Teens

Use of detoxification medications produces noticeable results, study says

Smokers' Homes More Likely to House Hungry Kids

Study finds twice the incidence of 'food insecurity'

Use of Kids' Meds on the Increase

Obesity and its complications driving the trend, researchers say

FDA Faulted for Stance on Chemical in Plastics

BPA widely used in baby bottles, food containers; has been linked to diabetes, heart disease

Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy a Risk to Mother and Child

It doubles the chances of having a heavy baby, study finds

Combo Treatment Best for Anxiety Disorder in Kids

Zoloft, cognitive behavior therapy also work well alone, study finds

Kids Who Drink Before 15 Face Poor Health as Adults

They're 2 to 3 times more likely to develop substance dependence, study says

Food Allergies Up 18% Among U.S. Children

Reactions lead to higher risk for asthma, other respiratory problems, CDC report says

High-Risk Kids, Diabetics Need Regular Blood Pressure Checks

Experts offer guidance during hypertension meeting

Gene Variations, Secondhand Smoke Linked to Early Asthma

The combination nearly tripled the risk for children under 4, study found

Web Site on Medical Research in Kids Launched

NIH-sponsored effort informs parents about safeguards in pediatric clinical trials

Flu Can Be Deadly for Young Victims

CDC now recommends shots for those aged 6 months to 19

Microwaves a Menace for Young Kids

Scalds, resulting in serious injuries, can occur, study finds

Drug Companies Say No Cold Meds for Kids Under 4

FDA supports industry's voluntary action to change labeling as agency continues to assess whether products are safe for the youngest set

Hospital Fixes Cut Opiate Errors in Kids

Simple adjustments also save money, since side effects can affect length of stay, study says

New Test Detects Rare Leukemia More Quickly

Researchers also found technique could track response to treatments

Book Offers Novel Approach to Weight Loss

Girls who read story with subtle message about health realized some benefits, study says

FDA Rules How Much Melamine Is Too Much

In wake of China food scare, agency says any amount is too much for infants

Vision Test for Young Children Called Unreliable

Researchers found standard way of measuring acuity in preschoolers missed problems

FDA Wants More Time to Study Cold Meds for Kids

More data needed on whether OTC remedies are safe, agency official tells public meeting

Kids Who Wheeze With Rhinovirus at Higher Asthma Risk

But study can't say whether germs cause condition or just identify those who may get it

Heart Pump Helps Children Waiting for Transplant

Device approved in Europe, still in clinical trials in U.S.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Best for Traumatized Youths

But study also finds too many clinicians still using unproven treatments

Migraines More Frequent, Intense in Overweight Kids

But weight loss can ease the pain, study shows

U.S. Kids Take More Psychotropic Drugs Than Europeans

Cultural differences, regulatory practices may explain difference, researchers say

Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective: CDC

And officials are urging more Americans than ever before to get a shot this season

Acid Reflux Linked to Chronic Croup

Study says the finding could help many children with the breathing condition

Vitamin D Levels Might Predict Risk for MS

Study finds kids with lower levels more likely to develop autoimmune disease

Acetaminophen Linked to Childhood Asthma

Drug should only be used to treat high fevers in children, experts say

More Kids Getting Kidney Stones

Doctors blame sedentary lifestyle, obesity, poor diet

MRI Detects Soft Tissue Damage Affecting Kids' Hearing

Scans could improve docs' ability to diagnose location of defects, study says

Newer Drugs No Better Than Older Ones for Childhood Schizophrenia

Side effects differ, but most patients find little relief in long run, experts say

Safety Gear a Must to Prevent Kids' Sports Injuries

Concussion most common danger, expert says, so head, face gear should take priority

Banning Soft Drinks in Schools Has Small Impact

Study finds only limited gains from no-sale policies

Most U.S. Kids Getting Recommended Vaccinations

More than 77% are fully inoculated, federal officials say

Kids of Stressed, Low-Income Moms Prone to Weight Problems

Anxiety may prompt the children to eat unhealthy foods, study suggests