Klutzy Kids?

It may be a developmental disorder

Children who seem to be particularly clumsy and accident prone may actually have a type of developmental disorder known as dyspraxia. Just as people with dyslexia stumble over words, children with dyspraxia stumble over their own feet or fumble with their fingers. The disorder can make writing difficult and turn gym class into a dreaded ordeal.

In his column in The Times of London, Dr. Thomas Stuttaford says that dyspraxia affects mostly boys, although doctors don't know why. The condition cannot be cured, but recognizing it allows parents or teachers to help children adapt to the problems caused by poor coordination.

The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland provides a helpful overview for families dealing with an affected child. Britain's Electronic Telegraph also explains how cultivating a child's strengths can be a key to successful management of the disorder.

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