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Kids Mimic Parents' TV Viewing Habits

Study found that the more Mom and Dad watch, the more children turn on the television themselves

Turn Down the Danger of Hearing Loss

Expert gives advice on avoiding earbuds, lots of loud noises

FDA Proposes New Limit for Arsenic in Apple Juice

Move follows release of studies last fall showing worrisome amounts of the toxin in many brands

Poverty Rate Still High Among U.S. Children: Report

Almost one-quarter live in low-income homes, which experts say affects their health and education

After ACL Surgery, Another Knee Injury Likely, Study Suggests

Athletes who return to sports should take precautions, researcher advises

Infant Vaccines Also Protect Seniors Against Pneumonia: Study

It's one of the most dramatic examples of 'herd immunity' seen in recent years, researchers report

Youth Murder Rate Hits 30-Year Low: CDC

But decline in homicides among men and blacks has slowed, researchers report

Recession May Have Boosted Teens' Social Consciousness

In study, high school seniors were more likely to care about others, environment when economy faltered

Assisted Conception Not Linked to Cancer Risk in Kids, Studies Say

Two reviews examined parents who used IVF and other such methods to get pregnant

5 Things Kids Should Tell Their Asthma Doctor

Experts list key topics to discuss for optimum care

Irregular Bedtimes May Sap Kids' Brainpower

Study found that the longer children go to sleep at different times each night, the lower their scores on thinking tests

Depressed Preschoolers Show Brain Changes, Scans Find

These differences could mark the start of a lifelong problem, researcher says

Baseballs, Softballs Often to Blame for Kids' Facial Fractures

Errant catches can lead to serious trauma, study found

Sleepy Teens Reach for Fast Foods First

Study found those who slept less than 7 hours a night were also less likely to eat fruits, vegetables

Celiac Disease Shouldn't Keep Family From BBQ Fun: Experts

Making sure gluten-free kids remain that way when away from home is challenging, but doable

Health Tip: When Your Child Has a Cold

Suggestions for how to ease symptoms

New Grants Will Help Get Health Insurance for More Kids

Federal officials unveiled $32 million in awards to outreach efforts in 22 states

ATV Injuries to Kids on Decline for Now: Study

But experts say all-terrain vehicles are still a big problem for young riders

New 'Active' Video Games May Give Kids More Exercise

Youngsters in Australian study were a bit less sedentary

Early Respiratory Infection May Double Type 1 Diabetes Risk: Study

Researchers looked at children who had first-degree relatives with the autoimmune disease

Collapsible Laundry Hampers May Pose Risk to Kids' Eyes

Two reports show wires can pop out, threatening vision

Fireworks Displays Spark Safety Concerns

Doctors share tips for injury-free Fourth of July celebration

Dealing With Kids' Summer Dental Surprises

Outdoor activities can mean more injuries to teeth

Tick Safety Tips for Kids at Summer Camp

Experts describe steps to prevent Lyme disease, other illnesses

Health Tip: Watch Kids Closely at the Playground

Before play begins, make sure the area is safe

Many 8-Year-Olds in U.S. Have Tasted Alcohol: Study

Early exposure may be linked with drinking problems later, experts warn

'Hyperconnectivity' Seen in Brains of Children With Autism

Findings suggest brain imaging could potentially speed diagnosis

Flu Spreads Quickest Among Kids, Teachers, Health-Care Workers

Study finds they're most likely to have frequent contact with others already infected

Health Tip: Reduce the Risk of Head Lice

Don't share personal items with infested person

Many Kids Missing Out on Healthy Lifestyle

Report finds only half exercise enough, only a third eat fruits and vegetables every day

ADHD May Be Tied to Longer-Lasting Head Injury, Study Says

Author says contact sports should be avoided; another expert disagrees

Kids' Sinusitis Might Not Need Antibiotics, New Guidelines Say

Doctors can 'watch and wait' for an additional 3 days

Kids' Pitching Injuries Rising; Study Blames Overuse

Parents, kids not adhering to throwing limits, researchers find

Take Safety Measures Before Letting Kids in the Pool

Supervision, pool maintenance and teaching children to swim all key to enjoying the water

Kids' ER Visits Decline If Doctor Has Evening Hours: Study

Availability of later appointments cut trips to emergency room by half, researchers say

Children's Eye Injuries Peak in Summer, Expert Says

Swimming pool accidents top the list

Potty-Training Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Starting too early is a common mistake, expert says

Day Care May Help Kids of Depressed Moms

They showed fewer signs of emotional problems if they weren't cared for solely by their mother

A Deadly Form of Diabetes That Doctors Sometimes Miss

Common signs of type 1 diabetes often resemble symptoms of other illnesses

Common Childhood Vaccine Won't Worsen Juvenile Arthritis: Study

Safety of measles-mumps-rubella booster shot had previously been called into question

Fewer Young Americans Lack Health Care Coverage

But 45 million Americans overall still don't have health insurance

Polluted Air Linked to Autism Risk

Pregnant women who live with smog at higher risk, but experts caution the finding is not definitive

Could 'Moderate' Drinking Be Safe During Pregnancy?

British study finds no problems with balance in kids, but some experts have concerns about the findings

Sibling Bullying Can Lead to Depression, Anxiety in Victims

Study says it may be as damaging as abuse from peers

Minority Kids With Autism Less Likely to Use Specialty Services: Study

Compared to white children, black and Hispanic patients may be missing out on certain types of care

Stepdads Must Navigate Tricky Waters

Study shows talking through issues, having shared parenting style help the new family survive the journey

Health Tip: Protect Kids' Eyes

Avoid toys with sharp edges

Health Tip: Vary Your Child's School Lunch

Make it appealing and nutritious