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Diabetes Rising Rapidly Among U.S. Kids

Both type 1 and type 2 disease rates up more than 20 percent in past decade, finds study

Tylenol Overdose Can Be Deadly for a Child

Doctors, pharmacists urged to educate parents about possible hazards

Danger at Home Lurks in Pills, Plants, Chemicals and More

Parents urged to think like a kid to effectively safety-proof their home

City Kids More Prone to Food Allergies Than Rural Peers: Study

Researcher says finding points out impact of environment

Many Kids on Medicaid Don't See Dentist: Study

Some improvement found over 5-year period but expert says program cuts could hurt

Child CT Scans Might Up Risk of Brain Cancer, Leukemia

Although the risk is small, radiation doses should be kept low, experts say

Disney to Curtail Junk Food Ads Aimed at Kids

Change will affect the media giant's child-focused TV channels, radio stations and websites

'Super Bug' May Thrive in Homes Where Kids Have Staph Infections

Shared objects, household surfaces can spur transmission of MRSA

To Help With Dyslexia, S p a c e L e t t e r s A p a r t, Study Says

Technique boosted kids' reading speed by more than 20 percent and doubled text-reading accuracy, researchers say

After Chest Radiation, Girls at Greater Risk for Early Breast Cancer: Study

Even those childhood cancer survivors who got low doses should be screened yearly, researchers say

Health Tip: Avoid Fighting With the Kids Over Food

Eat healthy yourself, setting a good example

Leukemia Deadlier for Teens, Young Adults Than Younger Kids: Study

More resistant disease, toxic treatments take their toll on older patients, study says

Too Much Screen Time May Harm Kids' Fitness

Children less connected to wired world seem to be in better shape, study finds

Small Batteries, Other Shiny Objects Pose Risks to Children

Curious kids may accidentally swallow magnets and batteries, leading to serious injury

Young Girls, Boys Can Compete on Equal Level

Analysis of nearly 2 million swim records found little or no difference until age 13

Health Tip: Warning Signs of Infant Dehydration

Including dry mouth and tongue

Acne Medication May Raise Risk of Eye Infections

Large study found teens taking Accutane were more likely to get pink eye, styes

Disability From Juvenile Arthritis Hurts Adult Job Prospects

Rates of unemployment much higher than that of general population, study finds

1 in 5 Americans Has Untreated Cavities: CDC

Most kids get dental care, regardless of income, because of federal health programs, researcher says

Health Tip: Stay Safe at the Playground

Use the equipment as designed

Emotional Woes May Last for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Treatment effects are long-lasting, researchers say

Doubt Cast on Usefulness of 'Sensory' Therapies for Autism

Experts say proof is lacking for these techniques in other disorders, too

Physical Education Is Good for Kids' Grades, Study Finds

More intense PE curriculum paid off academically in Swedish trial

More Mental Health Care Urged for Kids Who Self-Harm

Parents, ER docs need to be alert for signs of behavior such as cutting, experts say

Health Tip: Keep Magnets Away From Children

They are choking and ingestion hazards

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Threaten Kids' Heart Health

Preeclampsia bodes ill for offspring, study says

Autism Often Not Diagnosed Until Age 5 or Older: U.S. Report

But earlier interventions make a big difference, experts say

Some Heavy Kids at Risk of Blindness, Study Says

Brain condition that can steal sight more common among overweight girls, researchers report

Health Tip: Signs That Baby is in Pain

Unhappy facial expressions are a common reaction

C-Section May Hike Risk for Toddlers' Obesity, Study Suggests

By age 3, Caesarean babies are more likely to be overweight, researchers found

Health Tip: Eat a Healthy Diet When Nursing

Include drinking plenty of fluids

Teens' Love of Loud Music Tied to Drinking, Drug Abuse

But researchers say it's not clear how they're linked

Health Tip: Comforting Baby's Pain

Direct contact may distract from the hurt

Study Ties Secondhand Smoke to Bladder Irritation in Kids

Children aged 4 to 10 were at particular risk from exposure

Fees Lead Some Kids to Skip After-School Sports: Survey

Total cost of participating in a sport averages $381, results show

Females, Young Athletes Take Longer to Get Over Concussions

Study found they scored worse on visual memory tests, with symptoms lingering 2 weeks after injury

Tiny Tots in the Dentist's Chair Among Changes in Pediatric Dentistry

Options for kids now include sealants and early removal of wisdom teeth

From One Generation to the Next, Dental Care Changes

Mom of 3 notes less trepidation from kids, more choices from dentists

Parents Often Lose Sleep Over Child's Epilepsy, Study Finds

Many sleep in the same room or bed as their child because of worries about nighttime seizures

Drowning Is Leading Cause of Kids' Accidental Death: CDC

Swimming lessons can help protect toddlers, experts say

Experimental Drug Helps Fight Some Childhood Cancers, Study Finds

Targeted therapy is effective, has few side effects, but larger trials needed, researchers say

CDC Lowers Lead-Poisoning Threshold for Kids

Cutting the safe blood level of the metal in children is long overdue, advocates say

Two-Drug Combo Helps Teens With Migraines

Many doctors already prescribe Treximet off-label to this age group, expert says

Baby Bottles, Pacifiers, Sippy Cups Can Injure

Nationwide survey of ER visits revealed rates of cuts and bruises for infants, toddlers

Sooner Is Better for Controlling Obese Kids' Weight: Study

Behavioral therapy more effective in youngsters than teens, Swedish research suggests

Only Half of Meds Taken by Kids Have 'Adequate' Safety Info: Study

Medications used in newborns especially under-studied, doctor says

Gut Bugs Might Influence Child's Odds for Obesity

Heavy kids had higher levels of certain microbes, as did kids who ate little protein, study finds

FDA Seeks Less Radiation for Kids Getting X-Rays, CT Scans

Manufacturers asked to take their safety into account with use of machines, design of new scanners

Study: Kids Who Sleep in Parents' Bed Less Likely to Be Overweight

Children allowed to snuggle up with mom, dad may feel more secure and eat less, researchers say