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1 in 10 Child Athletes Injured, Experts Say

Here's how parents can help curb the trend

Fatal Crashes Involving Teens Continue Decline: CDC

Parental involvement, graduated licensing programs save lives, report says

Teen Birth-Rate Disparities Persist Among States

Overall birth rate for U.S. teens aged 15 to 19 was 41.5 per 1,000 in 2008, CDC says

Binge Drinking, Pot Could Put Teens' Intellect at Risk: Study

Test scores fell as substance abuse levels went up, researchers say

Pediatricians Issue New Iron Guidelines

Up to 15% of children under age 3 don't get enough, AAP says

Violent Media Can Desensitize the Minds of Young Males

Study found repeated exposure dampened their reaction to seeing aggression

Online Gambling Rises Among College Males, High School Girls

1.7 million U.S. males aged 18 to 22 gamble online at least once a month, researchers estimate

Quick Action Can Restore Hearing After Meningitis-Induced Deafness

Doing cochlear implants before cochlea hardens into bone is key, researchers say

Young Kids Easily Trust What They're Told: Study

Preschoolers believed adults' lie about the location of a hidden sticker even after it was proven wrong 8 times

Health Tip: Some Shouldn't Take Antidiarrheal Drugs

Who should avoid these medications

Kids' Medicaid-Covered Flu Shots Put Docs at a Loss: Study

Higher reimbursement would save money overall, with more kids vaccinated, researchers suggest

Halloween Extra Scary When Kids Have Nut Allergies

Parents urged to prepare in advance so children don't miss out on the fun

More U.S. Kids Getting Hurt Using All-Terrain Vehicles

30% of those hospitalized suffered traumatic brain injury, researchers found

Brain Scans May Help Identify Bipolar, ADHD Kids: Study

Accurate diagnosis could lead to more targeted treatments, researchers say

Even a Little Weight Loss Helps Lower Blood Pressure in Obese Kids

Hypertension in youth can lead to heart disease later on, study authors note

Too Few Adults Vaccinated Against Whooping Cough: CDC

Those who skip Tdap shot put unvaccinated babies at risk for potentially deadly infection, experts say

Eye Exercises Might Boost Fine Depth Perception

Push-pull training method could also be used for 'lazy eye,' researchers say

Genetics Linked to Raised Risk of Childhood Obesity

Research adds to evidence that gene variations may affect kids' weight

Studies Tout Alternative HIV Regimens for Women, Babies

Current treatment may cause drug resistance later

Nearly 1 in 5 W.Va. 5th Graders May Have High Blood Pressure

Similar findings noted elsewhere, researchers say

Screen Time May Consume Nearly 1/3 of Day for U.S. Kids

Child experts issue updated policy statement on use of electronic media for entertainment

Health Tip: Don't Smoke During Pregnancy

Here's how it can harm the baby

Health Tip: Teach Kids Playground Safety

Suggestions to prevent accidents

Could Excess Computer, TV Time Harm Kids Psychologically?

Study suggests a link, but cause-and-effect relationship unclear, experts say

Health Tip: Is Earwax a Problem?

Here are some suggestions

October Named International Walk to School Month

Kids urged to get some exercise every day by walking or biking to school

U.S. Campaign Aims to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Coalition urges tossing old, unused drugs, locking medicine chests

Weight-Loss Surgery for Teens May Be Gaining Advocates

Some believe it's the only way to save the super-obese

3 or More X-Rays May Raise Leukemia Risk Among Kids: Study

But overall danger remains extremely low, researchers point out

Health Tip: When a Working Mother Breast-Feeds

Suggestions to maintain the milk supply

For Many Gay Youth, Bullying Exacts a Deadly Toll

Recent reports of teens taking their own lives 'the tip of the iceberg,' one expert says

Small Bump Seen in Seasonal Flu Shots During H1N1 Outbreak

Analysis shows only 5.5% increase in vaccinated kids in 2009-2010 over 2008-2009 season

Mother's Stress, Interference May Worsen Child's Asthma

Kids under 7 affected by mom's emotions, but older kids react to being overprotected, study finds

Health Tip: Feed Your Toddler Enough Iron

How to offer sufficient iron in the diet

1 in 4 U.S. Teens and Young Adults Binge Drink: CDC

Largely unrecognized problem raises risks of violence, car crashes and chronic disease

Mom's Flu Shot May Protect Baby After Birth

Infants exposed to influenza vaccine had less illness, increased antibodies, finds study

Health Tip: Taking Baby Out of the Home

Essentials to bring along

Drunkenness Up Among Eastern European Teens: Study

But during same time period, declines were noted among kids in the West, researchers say

Interactive Video Games Linked to Injuries

However, expert says it's not a major problem

New Clues to Possible Genetic Basis for ADHD

2 studies point to DNA as contributors, but environment could still be key, experts say

Anorexic Teens May Gain From Whole-Family Treatment

Instead of blaming parents, these experts involve them in recovery process

Many Kids Not Getting Recommended Care: Survey

Costs prompt 1 in 8 families to forgo filling prescriptions, seeing specialists

Companies Can Motivate Families to Live Healthier

Study found cash incentive drove lifestyle changes for IBM employees

Absent Father Might Mean Earlier Puberty for Higher-Income Girls

Findings add to previous research, but experts still can't explain link

Most Suicidal Teens Seen in ER Receive Follow-up Care

Nearly 95 percent see mental health professional within a month, study shows

Kids With Allergies Shouldn't Skip Flu Shots, Experts Say

Parents urged to get children vaccinated, as annual season starts

U.S. Kids Filling Up on 'Empty Calories,' Study Finds

Excess fats and added sugars will lead to health woes later on, experts say

Health Tip: Taming a Toddler's Tantrum

Help prevent frustration

Experimental Drug Aids Kids With Nervous System Tumor

2-year survival rate was 66 percent, compared to 46 percent for conventional therapy

Teens' Mental Health Not Harmed by Abortion, Study Contends

A professor of human development counters that the study was too small to be reliable, however