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Health Tip: Does Your Child Have Pertussis?

Some common symptoms of 'whooping cough'

One Troubled Adult Child a Drag on Parents' Mental Health

And other children's successes don't outweigh the negative, study finds

Spanking Remains Common, Studies Show

Nearly 80% of preschool children are still disciplined this way, U.S. researchers estimate

College Campuses See Rise in Cases of Severe Mental Illness

More students arriving with preexisting conditions, more willing to seek help, researchers say

Brain Research May Help Predict Anxiety, Depression in Young

Study in monkeys could lead to treatments for vulnerable kids

Repeated Ear Infections Seem to Plague White Kids, Poor Kids

Possible reasons include culture, access to health care, researcher suggests

Many Parents Fret Over Time Kids Spend on Phones, Computers

Survey sponsors urge parents to use media to communicate with teens

Gardening, Cooking Parties Double Kids' Veggie Consumption

Researchers report that eight-week program reaped big rewards among kindergarteners

Health Tip: Teach Kids to Swim

To help reduce drowning risk

Your Pet's Food Dish Could Serve Up Salmonella

Study tracks the gut bugs' progress from tainted dry food to children's tummies

For College Freshmen, Leaving Home May Bring Mixed Emotions

University offers helpful advice to ease transition for students and their parents

Fractures a Costly Cause of High School Sports Injury

95% require expensive diagnostic imaging, study finds

Back-to-School Tips on Backpack Safety

Four factors keep students from shouldering a too-heavy load

How Parents Come to Accept Down Syndrome Diagnosis

Grief usually turns into joy, resilience, experts say

Health Tip: Understanding Torticollis

When an infant's neck tilts to one side

Rotavirus Vaccine Trials Show Positive Results in Africa, Asia

Oral vaccine can potentially save infants' lives in developing world, two studies find

Tongue Piercing Can Cause Costly Gap in Front Teeth

One woman's experience suggests a risk; other potential problems include gum trauma, infection

Type 2 Diabetes Might Harm Young Brain, Study Suggests

Obese teens with blood sugar disease did worse on cognition tests

U.S. Military Surgeons Saving Children's Lives in Afghanistan

War, poverty and lack of doctors take toll on youngsters' well-being

'Body Checking' Not to Blame for Most Ice Hockey Injuries: Study

The majority of youth players are not hurt intentionally, researchers say

Health Tip: Where to Clean Your Newborn

Baby probably doesn't need a daily bath

Lack of Food Puts Kids at Risk for Asthma, Other Chronic Ills

Repeated episodes of hunger linked to long-term poor health, study found

Foster Kids Gain From Mentoring, Relationship Skills

Quality programs can boost their mental health, study finds

One Therapy Session in ER Can Cut Teen Violence

Study found quick intervention would prevent one episode for every 10 kids seen

Signs of Autism May Show in Early Infancy

Abnormal arm muscle tone, visual processing evident in month-old babies, study says

Western Diet Populates Kids' Stomachs With Bad Bacteria

Study found African children who ate more natural diet, were breast-fed longer had more good bacteria

Addictive Internet Use Tied to Depression in Teens

Even healthy ones can run into trouble with too much use, researchers say

Health Tip: Skateboard Safely

What to do to protect yourself

Seasonal Changes Can Put Teens' Sleep/Wake Cycles Off Track

Longer daylight hours in spring spur hormonal changes linked to late bedtimes, less sleep, study finds

Athletes Need to Protect Against Heat Stroke: Expert

Taking simple steps during summer sports can prevent potentially fatal illness, athletic trainer says

Mom's Weight Before Pregnancy May Affect Weight of Child

Women overweight/obese before conceiving more likely to have overweight/obese kids: study

Health Tip: Does Your Child Have a Behavior Disorder?

When behavior goes beyond typical mischief or rebellion

Story-Telling More Difficult for Brain-Injured Children: Study

Parents can help by spending more time developing narratives, researchers suggest

Increased Risk of Violence Among Unsupervised Teen Groups

Hanging out with no adult presence a recipe for violence even in 'good' neighborhoods, study finds

Black Teens May Need Higher Vitamin D Supplementation

Even with sun exposure, levels were deficient in this vulnerable group, researchers say

Cuvposa Approved for Chronic Drooling in Children

Primarily those with neurological disorders

Health Tip: Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Help ease your youngster's fear

Kids Adopted By Same-Sex Couples 'Thriving': Researcher

No reason to prevent gay, lesbian prospective parents from adopting, study says

In Young Girls, Obesity Linked to Early Puberty, Analysis Reveals

Unanswered questions remain, including psychological impact, researcher says

Teens With ADHD Often Have Trouble Completing High School

Dropping out or delayed graduation most common among kids with attention disorder, study finds

Level of Parent-Child Conflict Seems to Differ Among Nations

Study finds higher rates of disharmony in U.S. families

Health Tip: Taking a Plane Trip With Baby

Suggestions to help keep the infant calm

Mom's Affection Helps Babies Grow Into Less Stressed Adults

Study finds link between maternal attention, child's mental state decades later

Witness Testimony May Be Affected By Negative Feelings

In 'emotional memory' test, kids' accuracy was poor, but better than adults: study

Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe in the Water

Drowning can happen 'quickly, silently, and without notice,' expert warns

Childhood Cancer May Be Linked to Later Heart Problems

27% of survivors had long-term cardiac dysfunction, Dutch study found

Playgrounds More Fun When Safety Rules Come Into Play

More than 200,000 U.S. kids go from the playground to the hospital each year, group reports

Each Summer, Falls Top the List of Ways Kids Get Hurt

Injuries are often 'predictable and preventable,' expert says

Colleges Not Doing Enough to Combat Student Drinking: Report

More focus urged for monitoring illegal sales of alcohol and limiting number of alcohol outlets

Urge Kids to Drink Water During Hot Weather: Expert

Make sure it's readily available and watch for signs of dehydration, doctor advises