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How to combat boredom during car trips

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(HealthDayNews) -- If you've taken long car trips with your kids, you're probably familiar with whines like "I'm bored," or "How much longer?"

The next time you drive a long way, combat your children's boredom with these tips from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center:

  • Have one parent sit in the back with the kids, if possible.
  • Buy some inexpensive books and toys. Pack these into a special bag for each child, and pull out a surprise every few hours.
  • With older kids, try word games and crossword puzzles. Toy cars, new comic or coloring books, pipe cleaners, colored pencils and journals may also help keep them busy.
  • Bring some sing-along tapes.
  • Carry snacks that won't spoil or melt. Good choices include dry cereal, raisins, and granola bars.


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