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Health Tip: Babysitter Safety

Make sure your sitter knows the basics

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(HealthDay News) -- Before letting a babysitter stay with your child, make sure the sitter knows the answers to a few basic safety questions.

The University of Michigan Health System suggests discussing:

  • The sitter's knowledge of CPR and first aid.
  • The need to put babies to sleep on the back, with no blankets, pillows or toys in the crib.
  • How to soothe a crying baby, and the dangers of shaking a baby.
  • Choking hazards and food allergies.
  • Never giving the child medication, unless specifically shown how by parents.
  • Household safety, such as locking doors and turning on exterior lights, never letting anyone into the home, and knowing when to call the police or an ambulance.
  • Never leaving a child alone in the bathtub, even for a moment.
  • Fire-safety guidelines, including having several routes for leaving the home.


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