Health Tip: Bathing Your Newborn

How to do it safely

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(HealthDayNews) -- Giving your newborn a tub bath for the first time can be daunting. Ease your anxiety by preparing properly for the event.

The Cincinnati Children's Hospital offers these guidelines:

  • Select a bath site. Good places include the bathtub, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink.
  • If you're using a portable baby bathtub, make sure it's on a sturdy table, and never carry the bathtub with your baby in it.
  • Gather all your supplies before filling the tub and undressing your baby.
  • Fill the tub with three inches of water. Don't add soap or bubble bath to the water. This can dry your infant's skin.
  • As you slowly place your baby into the tub, use a calm, reassuring voice to soothe your child. Support your child's head with your hand.
  • Use your other hand to gently wash and rinse your infant.


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