Health Tip: Changing Your Baby's Diaper

Suggestions for first-time parents

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(HealthDay News) - First-time parents may be overwhelmed with new responsibilities, and may forget to ask for help with simple tasks such as changing a diaper.

Here are suggestions, courtesy of the American Pregnancy Association:

  • Place the baby securely on a changing table, or on a changing pad on the floor, undress the infant and unfasten the diaper (leaving it on).
  • Place a clean burp cloth over your baby to avoid a mess in case the baby has an accident.
  • Gently lift the baby by both legs so that you can reach the bottom. Thoroughly cleanse the area, front to back, and in between all folds of skin.
  • Open a clean diaper and have it ready while you slide the dirty diaper out from under the baby, then replace it with the clean diaper (taped side underneath).
  • As recommended by your pediatrician, apply lotion, powder or diaper rash cream before fastening the diaper securely. You should be able to slide two fingers in the top front of the diaper.


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