Health Tip: Creating a Smoke-Free Home

Doing so will protect your children from second-hand smoke

(HealthDay News) -- Smoking while a child is in the room isn't the only way to expose the youngster to second-hand smoke.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says smoke can linger long after you put out a cigarette.

The academy offers these suggestions to avoid exposing your child to second-hand smoke:

  • Always smoke outdoors.
  • Create a designated, comfortable area outside where you and visitors smoke.
  • Wear a particular jacket or shirt only when you smoke, removing it when you're finished. This will help avoid bringing smoke into your home on your clothing.
  • Place an umbrella next to the door so you aren't tempted to smoke indoors when it rains.
  • Be clear with guests that yours is a no-smoking home.
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