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Health Tip: If Your Child Has a Seizure

How to protect her from injury

(HealthDay News) -- If your child is having a seizure, it's important to prevent injury and keep her safe from harm.

The Children's Hospital Boston recommends that you:

  • Stay calm, and don't leave the child unattended during the seizure.
  • Gently lie the child on the floor, on her side, with a soft object under her head. Try to keep her head from falling backward.
  • Do not allow the child to lie on her back, as she could choke if she vomits.
  • Loosen any tight or restrictive clothing.
  • Move any hard objects, such as tables and chairs, out of the way.

Once the seizure ends, contact your child's doctor, who may want to know:

  • Where did the seizure begin (commonly, the hands, arms, legs, or eyes)?
  • Did the seizure stay in one area of the body or did it travel to other parts?
  • How long did the seizure last?
  • Were there any factors that seemed to cause or trigger the seizure?
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