Health Tip: If Your Child is a Sleepwalker

Here's how to keep her safe

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(HealthDay News) -- Sleepwalking is common in young children, but many will outgrow it by the time they become teenagers.

While sometimes a child who sleepwalks may simply wander around the bedroom, they can also exhibit dangerous behaviors like trying to walk down stairs or outside the home.

Here are suggestions on how to deal with your sleepwalking child, courtesy of the Nemours Foundation:

  • When you find your child sleepwalking, don't try to wake her up as it may only frighten her. Just help her back into bed.
  • Keep all windows and doors to the house locked to keep her from wandering outside.
  • Don't let her sleep in a bunk bed, and put baby gates in front of stairs.
  • Keep the floor of her room clear to prevent falls, and make sure any breakable or harmful objects are out of reach.


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