Health Tip: Installing a Playground at Home

Make sure the ground below is well-cushioned

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(HealthDay News) -- Installing a home playset for the kids? Make sure it's set up properly to help ensure years of enjoyment for the young ones.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these safety tips for home playground equipment:

  • Make sure the surface under the playground is cushioned and absorbent, and extends at least 6 feet on all sides past the play area.
  • Make sure the swing seats are made of a softer material, not metal or wood.
  • Make sure the equipment is assembled correctly and securely anchored to the ground, with all bolts and screws capped. There should be no parts that are sharp, broken or rusty.
  • Make sure the equipment is at least 6 feet away from walls or fences.
  • Make sure metal surfaces don't get too hot.
  • Never attach any type of rope to the equipment.
  • Don't allow children to play inappropriately -- no twisting, pushing empty swings or walking in front of moving swings.
  • Always watch children carefully on playground equipment; don't allow them to fight, push or shove.


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