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Health Tip: Prevent Boating Accidents

Keep children safer with a life jacket

(HealthDay News) -- Boating is one of summer's finer pleasures, and there's no reason not to take the kids along. But make sure they're protected.

Safe Kids Worldwide suggests:

  • Each child should always wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket.
  • Make sure the jacket fit snugly and properly. It should not rise to hit the chin or ears when the child's arms are extended.
  • Adults should never drink alcohol while boating, so they can safely supervise children.
  • Protect a little one from getting chilled with a light blanket or towel.
  • All adults should learn CPR.
  • If you choose to let your youngster swim, make sure the child is able to tolerate and understands potential hazards, including uneven footing, sea currents and changes in weather.
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