Health Tip: Prevent Falls From Windows

Here are some safety suggestions

(HealthDay News) -- Every year, thousands of children are killed or hurt by falling from windows.

Here are guidelines from the U.S. National Safety Council to keep your children safe:

  • If you want to open a window for fresh air, only open those that are high enough that children cannot reach them. Keep others closed and locked.
  • Move any furniture or other items away from windows, so that children can't climb on these objects to reach windows.
  • Don't count on screens to protect your child. They are not strong enough to prevent children from falling through them.
  • Teach your child not to play near windows or glass doors. Set rules about staying away from them.
  • A window needs to be opened only 5 inches for a child under age 10 to fall through. In many locations, landlords are legally bound to install window guards in apartments with children.
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