Health Tip: Preventing Sibling Rivalry

Make the older child feel loved

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(HealthDay News) -- A new baby is unlikely to be top of an older sibling's wish list, especially if he or she has been an only child for a while.

You can help your older children adjust to having a new baby in the house by doing little things that will make them feel loved and wanted. The State of Oklahoma Health Department offers these suggestions:

  • When friends and family visit the new baby, ask them to visit with your older children first.
  • In case visitors neglect to bring a small gift for your older children, keep aside a few surprises for them on such occasions.
  • Provide older children with a "baby" of their own to care for.
  • Resist giving older children attention for childish behaviors.
  • Devote exclusive time to your older children when the baby is sleeping.
  • Have older children offer the baby a pacifier or a wind-up lullaby toy, for example.


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