Health Tip: Stressed Teens

Suggestions to help you cope

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(HealthDay News) -- The teen years can be difficult to manage with their many physical, emotional and lifestyle changes.

Here are some suggestions, courtesy of the American Academy of Family Physicians:

  • Write down all of the things that cause anxiety or stress. Making a list may help you organize your thoughts and come up with a plan to help resolve problems.
  • Reduce stress where you can. If work, sports or extracurricular activities cause too much stress, cut back on how much time you devote to them.
  • Accept that you can't eliminate all the stress in your life, that it's OK to make mistakes, and that you can't control everything.
  • Don't push yourself too hard. If you feel too tired or too overwhelmed, say "no" to additional commitments.
  • Talk to family members, friends or a counselor about what's bothering you and causing stress.


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