Health Tip: Teach Yourself to Shave

Help prevent nicks and cuts

(HealthDay News) - Many teen boys begin to develop facial hair during puberty, and want to begin shaving.

The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions for a smooth, painless shave:

  • Try shaving your face right after getting out of the shower. Or, wet your face with warm water to soften the skin and facial hair.
  • Thoroughly cover the areas to be shaved with a moisturizing shave gel or cream.
  • Moving the razor in the direction of the hair, shave in short, slow strokes.
  • Don't press too hard -- only hard enough to make sure you're cutting the hairs, not the skin.
  • Start with the sides of your face, then do the tougher parts like the chin, upper lip, throat and around your mouth.
  • Rinse your face well with cool water, and apply an aftershave or moisturizing cream.
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