Health Tip: Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Suggested lesson plans

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(HealthDayNews) -- If you're teaching your teen to drive, the American Automobile Association recommends that your lesson plans include:

  • Driving preparation: adjust seat and mirrors, use safety belts, start the engine, check the gas gauge, check for traffic, signal and move when safe.
  • Basic maneuvers: moving forward, steering, turning, stopping and backing up.
  • Interacting with other vehicles: turn signals, changing lanes, blind spots and monitoring traffic in all directions.
  • Parking and turning: on an angle or a hill, parallel parking, U-turns and 3-point turns.
  • Rail crossings: obey crossing gates.
  • Freeways: using on and off ramps, merging, lane and speed choice.
  • Driving in darkness: using lights and appropriate speed.
  • Adverse weather: adjusting speed for rain, fog, wind, dust and snow.
  • Handling hazards: obstacles on the road, using flashers and antilock brakes.


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