Internet Kids

Make rules for online time

(HealthDayNews) -- Do you know what sites your kids visit when they logon to the Internet? While the best way to ensure your child's safety on the Internet is to be with them, that's not always possible.

Still, you can establish some rules about communicating online.

The American Library Association recommends you tell your children to:

  • Always check with you before using their full names, address, telephone number or school name anywhere on the Internet.
  • Always tell you if they see anything online that's scary or that they don't understand.
  • Never answer messages that make them uncomfortable or uneasy.
  • Never give out a credit card number or password online.
  • Never arrange to meet someone they've found online unless they've discussed it with you and an adult goes with them.

You can also get software programs that block Web sites you don't want your children to visit.

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