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Focus on Health, Not Fat, in Food Talks With Kids

Teens whose parents harped about weight gain tended to have more unhealthy eating behaviors, study shows

Minority Kids Less Likely to Be Diagnosed, Treated for ADHD: Study

Finding points to possible disparities in care

Kids' ER Visits Decline If Doctor Has Evening Hours: Study

Availability of later appointments cut trips to emergency room by half, researchers say

Quicker Infant Growth Tied to Higher IQ Later

But difference in scores was fairly small in study of full-term babies

Children's Eye Injuries Peak in Summer, Expert Says

Swimming pool accidents top the list

Potty-Training Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Starting too early is a common mistake, expert says

Day Care May Help Kids of Depressed Moms

They showed fewer signs of emotional problems if they weren't cared for solely by their mother

HPV Vaccine Lowering Infection Rates Among Girls: CDC

Extent of protection from sexually transmitted virus higher than expected, suggesting 'herd immunity' is at work, experts say

A Deadly Form of Diabetes That Doctors Sometimes Miss

Common signs of type 1 diabetes often resemble symptoms of other illnesses

Junk Food Ads May Help Drive Obesity in Hispanic Kids, Study Suggests

Many of the more than 4,200 TV pitches children view each year highlight fatty, sugary fare

Sibling Bullying Can Lead to Depression, Anxiety in Victims

Study says it may be as damaging as abuse from peers

Minority Kids With Autism Less Likely to Use Specialty Services: Study

Compared to white children, black and Hispanic patients may be missing out on certain types of care

Stepdads Must Navigate Tricky Waters

Study shows talking through issues, having shared parenting style help the new family survive the journey

Health Tip: Protect Kids' Eyes

Avoid toys with sharp edges

Health Tip: Vary Your Child's School Lunch

Make it appealing and nutritious

'Domestic' Dads Often Face Scorn at Work, Study Finds

When men or women step outside traditional gender roles, some colleagues react badly, research shows

Dads Who Bond With Kids Help Keep Marriage Strong

Sharing housework also key, study found, as is open communication with spouse

TV Commercials May Spur Junk Food Habit in Kids, Study Finds

Advertising exposure seems to up odds that preschoolers will become obese

Health Tip: Be Smart While Mowing the Lawn

Make sure kids maintain a safe distance

Health Tip: Protect Young Ones From Suffocation

Rid the crib of pillows, blankets and stuffed animals

More Evidence Shows Breast-Feeding Helps Babies' Brains

MRI study showed increased growth in areas related to language, emotional function, motor skills

Health Tip: Kids Need Strong Bones, Too

Teach proper bone health at an early age

Health Tip: Prevent Furniture Tipping

And help keep kids safe

Too Little Known on How Primary Care Docs Can Prevent Child Abuse

U.S. panel couldn't make recommendations about kids without obvious signs of maltreatment

Kids With Past Concussions Take Longer to Recover

Study has implications for how long children should wait to resume activities, experts say

Summer Camp Health Tips for Parents

How to keep water sports from causing skin infections and other expert advice

Sleeping on Back to Prevent SIDS Doesn't Appear to Hurt Babies' Ability to Roll

Canadian study compared infant development before and after Back to Sleep campaign

Even Mild Weight Loss May Lower Diabetes Risk in Obese Teens

Study worked with adolescents and their families to boost activity, healthy eating

What to Do When Lightning Strikes

Planning for the worst may be the best protection, experts say

Health Tip: Get Your Child to the Eye Doctor

Especially if the youngster has these symptoms

Vision, Dyslexia Not Linked: Study

Findings will advance understanding, treatment of the reading disorder, says expert

Football Concussion Risk Highest During Games, Not Practice: Study

Young players may not be learning proper tackling techniques, one expert says

'Sensory-Focused' Autism Therapy Shows Early Promise

In small study, parents used variety of methods to stimulate boys' senses

Scientists ID Gene Behind Early Onset Puberty

Discovery could help children with 'central precocious puberty,' give insights to development

Recession Forced Cutbacks in Care for Special Needs Kids: Study

Some families curtailed dental visits, medicines for children with chronic health problems

Health Tip: Reduce the Risk of Dog Bites

Do your homework before adopting Fido

Health Tip: Choosing Your Child's Pediatrician

Make sure you know the doctor's background

Young Parents Don't Stress Over Kids' Media Use: Survey

First generation to have lots of exposure to technology not as worried about its effects, researchers report

Health Tip: Keep Kids Active During Summer Break

Get them to play a favorite sport

Infant Care May Help Explain Race-Linked Obesity Gap

Black, Hispanic infants in study had solid foods sooner, more sugary drinks, less sleep

Website All About Child Health -- in Spanish

American pediatricians address needs, concerns of Hispanic parents

Whooping Cough Cases Rise as Parents Opt Out of Vaccine

In New York, study found unvaccinated kids were 14 times more likely to get illness

Many Parents Unaware of Teens' Abuse of ADHD Drugs

So-called 'study drugs' don't boost grades, and abusing them is dangerous, researchers warn

Bullied Kids More Likely to Self-Harm as Teens

There are no harmless forms of bullying, study warns

For Kids With Autism, a Day at the Races With NASCAR

Annual event helps young speedway fans enjoy the sport in a safe, conducive environment

Health Tip: Encourage Safe Exploring Outdoors

Suggestions for interacting with nature

Health Tip: Help Kids With Diabetes Deal With Shots

Prepare the injections where the child can't see you

Health Reform Saving Young Adults Millions for ER Care: Study

In 2011 alone, patients and families were spared nearly $150 million in hospital costs

A Strong Marriage Can Shield Kids From Dad's Depression: Study

Supportive spouse seems to improve a depressed father's relationship with his children

More Booze in Movies for Kids, Study Finds

But scenes with tobacco have dropped, researchers say