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Make Sure Your Child's Bike Helmet Fits

It should be snug, but not overly tight

Many states have laws that require children to wear bike helmets. But there aren't laws that require parents to make sure helmets fit properly. And proper fit is as important as a proper helmet.

According to an article in New Jersey's Bergen Record, the helmet should be snug, but not too tight. The straps should go over the ears, not on top of them. And your child needs to understand that the helmet must remain parallel to the ground, not pushed back on the head. The helmet should cover the forehead and be strapped so it stays that way, the story says.

Older helmets often don't have newer safety features and can become brittle with age, something parents should remember when they pass down helmets from one child to the next. Helmets should be replaced at least every five years.

Another tip: make sure your child has a say in picking a helmet so he or she likes it enough to wear it.

How much do you know about helmets and bike safety? Take this quiz from the KidZone. To find out more about defensive bike riding, read this article from the WHO Helmet Initiative.

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