Mom's Time Out

Take a break from your crying baby

(HealthDayNews) -- Many babies have a fussy period when they cry incessantly and nothing you do seems to comfort them. These spells usually occur at almost the same time each day.

On days when you feel like you can't handle it, take a break, advises Harvard University Medical School. If possible, let someone else take care of your infant for a while.

If this is not practical, try:

  • Taking your baby outside for a walk. The change in light and temperature might distract him and interrupt the crying.
  • Phone a friend or relative who also has a baby. Talking with someone who understands can help you feel better.
  • Phone a parental hotline. They're staffed by experienced people who can offer support and reassurance.
  • If all else fails, put your baby safely in his crib, take a deep breath, and go to another room for a short break.
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