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Color Red Makes Men Amorous

And study finds they're, well, clueless about its impact on them

Sexual Dysfunction Common a Year After Major Trauma

Rate double that for healthy patients, regardless of gender, site of injury, study says

Eating Fast Until Full Triples Overweight Risk

Availability of cheap foods, larger portions changes dining behavior, Japanese study says

Suicide Rates Rise Among Baby Boomers

Middle-aged white women at increasing risk, study finds

Study Evaluates Laser Therapies for Hair Removal

Findings suggest combo treatments less effective, more painful than singular procedures

Smoking, Gender Affect Pain Treatment Effectiveness

Men who light up show less improvement after therapy, study says

Rethinking Prostate Cancer in Older Men

Research suggests aggressive treatment is viable, even for patients in their late 70s

Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Chemotherapy

Besides hair loss and nausea, side effects include fatigue, vomiting, mouth sores and pain

Brain Pressure More Likely to Cause Vision Loss in Men

Though women have condition more often, men suffer side effects twice as much, study says

Brain Chemical Could Spur Lovesickness

A monogamous rodent could shed light on romantic loss

Smoking Makes You Old Before Your Time

It even affects quality of life in those who quit, Finnish study reports.

Blood Pressure on the Rise in America

More people being treated for hypertension than ever before, study finds

Excess Drinking Shrinks the Brain

Too much alcohol has a greater effect on women, study found

New Genetic Links to Baldness Discovered

The hope is the finding could one day lead to a screening test

Little-Known Fat Can Be a Heartbreaker

Elevated lipoprotein (a) levels boost cardiovascular disease risk for some

Role of Circumcision in Reducing HIV Risk Still Unclear

Review doesn't find a protective effect in post-HAART era

Study Suggests Red Wine May Protect Against Lung Cancer

But authors say research, which focused on men, doesn't mean it's OK to smoke

Obesity, Insulin Level Impact Prostate Cancer Survival

Heavy men with high output of the hormone had quadruple the death risk, study found

Could Chinese Herb Be a Natural Viagra?

Early research suggests 'horny goat weed' might help men with impotence

Vitamin C Protects Some Elderly Men From Bone Loss

New study doesn't show same result for women, however

Hormone Therapy Not Best for Older Prostate Cancer Patients

Study found giving it before radiation raised death risk 20% in this group

Many Doctors Don't Know Blood Pressure Guidelines

Proper treatment often not started among middle-aged men, study finds

Drug Can Slow Bone Loss in Prostate Cancer Patients

Hormone-deprivation Rx erodes bone, but meds like Fosamax can help, study shows

Web Site Helps Cancer Patients With Fertility Preservation

Northwestern consortium's program features message boards, videos and advice

Sleep Apnea May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Condition may persist, but mouse research shows drug restores oxygen, sexual functioning

2 Million Cancer Cases Tied to Tobacco Use

The U.S. review covered the period from 1999 to 2004

Study Links Serum Calcium, Prostate Cancer Death

High, but still normal, levels triple risk of aggressive disease

Height May Boost Prostate Cancer Risk, Study Suggests

But the findings could be pure chance, one expert says

Children of Older Fathers at Risk for Bipolar Disorder

Offspring of men 55 and older were 1.37 times more likely to be diagnosed, study finds

'Bonding Gene' Could Help Men Stay Married

One form of DNA linked to marital bliss, the other to discord, study found

ED Drug Relieves Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

In men with enlarged prostates, daily Cialis showed benefit without side effects

Testosterone Associated With Disease Transmission

Mouse study finds hormone affects behavior, drives spread of contact illness

Statins Might Reverse ED in Some Men

In animal study, effect on those with metabolic syndrome was seen within days

Asthma's Course Differs by Gender

By puberty, condition may be passing phase in boys, but more permanent in girls, study says

Surgery Helps With Prostate Cancer, Sometimes

New study fails to settle question about best treatment for the disease

Stroke Risk Plummets With Healthy Lifestyle

Quitting smoking, eating properly and exercising protects your brain, study finds

One in 5 Young Men Had Prostate Screen in Past Year

Analysis may aid in guiding recommendations on who should get screened and when

Obese Men Face Twin Threat From Prostate Cancer

Delayed diagnosis, less successful surgery, pair of studies finds

Men More Likely Than Women to Adopt Children

Report says it may be that some men adopt women's kids from previous relationship

Study Links Agent Orange to Prostate Cancer in Vietnam Vets

But some researchers say the finding fails to establish cause-and-effect

New Guidelines Rule Out Prostate Screening for Men Over 75

The hazards outweigh benefits, government task force reports

Excessive Drinking Boosts Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

More than 2 a day for men, 1 for women, increases odds of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes

Many Cancer Patients Turn to Complementary Medicine

Women, especially breast and ovarian tumor patients, more likely to use these therapies

Health Tip: Good Health for Men

Follow these guidelines

Mouse Study Finds Molecule That Tells Hair to Grow

Could one day lead to treatments for baldness, researchers say

Prostate Cancer Treatment Could Impair Men's Thinking

Hormone deprivation approach seems to affect memory, concentration, study finds

Soy Linked to Low Sperm Count

Could affect fertility, especially in overweight and obese men, researchers report

Simple Procedure Improves Male Fertility

Correcting varicose veins in scrotum boosts sperm count, motility, study finds

Too Much, Too Little Sleep Linked to Stroke Risk

Postmenopausal women who slept more than nine hours a night had up to 70% higher risk

Cancer Survival Depends on Where You Live

U.S. does better than Europe, although American whites do better than blacks, study finds