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Bullied Children at Greater Risk for Self-Harm, Study Finds

Family history or maltreatment further increase likelihood of injuring oneself

Analytical Thinkers Seem to Be Less Religious, Study Suggests

But coaxing participants to think analytically had only a subtle impact on religious belief

College Kids Often Use Cell Phones While Driving: Study

Students seem to have 'misplaced confidence' in their ability to multitask, researcher says

Battling the Bullying of an Autistic Child

Parents feel their child's pain, frustration, and need to seek out help and support services

Warnings on Cigarette Packs May Keep Ex-Smokers From Relapse

International study finds that deterrent images, messages help those who say they matter

Experimental Drug Eases Autistic Behaviors in Mice

Whether it would work on humans is still unknown, researchers say

Many First-Graders Shun Overweight, Obese Kids

In survey, most preferred to play with slimmer classmates, study finds

Impulsive Tots at Risk for Gambling Problems Later: Study

Self-control in preschool years may improve life outcomes in adulthood

Cyberbullying May Call for New Prevention Tactics

Existing anti-bully programs won't get through to online aggressors, researcher says

'Publication Bias' Casts Doubt on Value of Antidepressants for Autism

Studies showing ineffectiveness less likely to get published, new study finds

Health Tip: Overcoming Obstacles to Exercise

Make sure your goals are realistic

Talking to Yourself Could Have Mental Benefits

People who name objects as they look for them seem to find them faster, study suggests

'No Regrets' Outlook May Make for Sunnier Old Age

Study suggests letting go of missed opportunities is linked to healthy mental aging

When Does Boxing-Related Head Trauma Become Too Much?

Study suggests there is a point at which lasting brain damage can set in

Anxiety Linked to Smarts in Brain Study

Tendency to worry may have evolved along with intelligence in humans, researchers say

Tattoos, Piercings Tied to Heavier Drinking in French Study

But an expert warns against stereotyping people with body art

Young Risk-Takers Drawn to Dangerous 'Choking Game'

Study finds 6% of Oregon eighth graders admitted trying it, two-thirds had played more than once

Single 'Boomers' Struggling as They Age: Study

Never-married men, widows appear to be the least well-off

Politics May Get in the Way of Empathy, Research Shows

Study participants were less likely to feel for people who held different beliefs

Even Toddlers Succumb to Peer Pressure, Study Says

2-year-olds -- like chimps -- follow the majority

Some Folks Just Can't Help Being Nice, Study Suggests

Kindness may be in your genetic makeup, researchers say

Online Tool Could Diagnose Autism Quickly, Developers Say

Simple questionnaire and short video could help patients get treatment sooner, research suggests

Feeling 'Trapped,' Obligated Raises Odds of Job Burnout: Study

Lack of options at work can be emotionally draining, researchers say

Resolutions Revisited

Experts offer advice on what to do if you're backsliding on those New Year's vows

Narcissists Often Ace Job Interviews, Study Finds

That's because they can comfortably sell themselves to convince the interviewers, researchers report

Health Tip: Stop Toddler Tantrums Before They Start

Suggestions to avoid a maddening meltdown

Why Stress Might Make You Sick

New research suggests long-term anxiety is linked to inflammation

Personal Gene Mapping Has Limits, Study Says

Commercial genome scans no substitute for healthy lifestyle, medical check-ups

For Better Mouse Studies, Let Them Nest

Allowing mice to be more comfortable could improve outcomes, researchers say

Dating Violence Common by 7th Grade: Survey

More than one-third report psychological abuse, 15 percent cite physical abuse

Does Chocolate Help You Stay Slim?

Study links regular consumption with slightly leaner size, but more research needed

Too Much Sitting Can Kill You, Study Suggests

Eight hours or more a day raises risk, even if you exercise, researchers find

Health Tip: Managing Weight Gain

Suggestions to help keep your weight in check

Adults Seem to Have Most Impact on Teens' School Success

Study found influence of peers not as strong as parents, teachers

Breathing Smog in Pregnancy Linked to Child's Behavior Problems

Study found with moms' higher exposure, kids were likelier to have anxiety, depression at age 6

Foods' Aromas Might Help You Lose Weight

Stronger smells led to smaller bites, research found

Physician Misconduct Showing Up on the Internet: Survey

New poll of medical boards reports online professional violations by doctors

Many Americans Ambivalent Over Laws Aimed at Healthy Living

Poll finds most accept rules for safety, smoking, eating, but also worry about a 'nanny state'

Half of Stroke Victims Don't Call 911, Research Shows

Public needs more education about telling symptoms, experts say

Menopause May Cost Women Sick Days

Those with more bothersome symptoms are less productive at work, study finds

Health Tip: Make 'Tummy Time' Fun

Suggestions to help improve playtime

Deeper Voices Win Over Voters, Study Finds

It may not be what candidates say, but how they sound when they say it that matters

Could Trans Fats Make You Cranky?

The more of the unhealthy dietary fat people ate, the greater their irritability, aggression, study shows

Doctors Likely to Preach What They Practice

Those with healthy behaviors more inclined to recommend patients make lifestyle changes: study

Watching Movie Stars Light Up May Spur Kids to Smoke

Kids who saw more tobacco use on film from ages 9 to 14 tended to become regular smokers

Race, Location Big Factors in American Diets

Study finds 5 major patterns of food consumption based on environment, background

Lost Hour of Sleep Over Weekend May Put Heart at Risk Monday

Expert warns of 10% increase in heart attack risk among those who don't prepare for lost sleep

Kids Who Bully May Be More Likely to Smoke, Drink

Bullying behavior more common in middle school, substance use greater in high school, study finds

Health Tip: Skip TV and Get Active

Here are healthier suggestions

Drinking Scenes in Movies May Spur Teens to Do the Same

Kids who had seen more films featuring alcohol were more likely to binge on booze, study finds