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Few Contact Lens Users Follow All Care Guidelines, Study Finds

New strategies needed to improve compliance, researchers say

Prozac Might Ease Repetitive Behaviors in Some Adults With Autism

Study found 50% saw benefit, while only 8% in placebo group did

Abusive Boss May Harm Workers' Home Life, Too

But long-term partners, more kids may boost family satisfaction

Optimism May Help Female Undergrads With Their Grades

But positive thinking seems to backfire for male students, study says

Circle of Friends Key to Adopting Healthy Habits: Study

When people of similar age, sex, size buddied up online, they made gains, researchers say

Most U.S. Drivers Engage in 'Distracting' Behaviors: Poll

Cellphone talk, texting, even applying makeup: Most know it's dangerous, but many do it anyway

Health Tip: Help Your Child Prepare for a Sibling

Suggestions to ease the transition

Scans Reveal Differences in Psychopathic Brains

Findings could explain their anti-social tendencies, researchers say

Mid-Morning Snacks May Thwart Diets

Women who ate between breakfast and lunch lost less, study found

Patches, Counseling, Persistence Can Help Smokers Quit

'Keep working at it' could be key to success, studies suggest

How to Extend Holiday Cheer

Schedule events all year to preserve the sense of fun and excitement, expert suggests

Black Friday Is About More Than Bargains, Expert Says

For many, the big shopping day can be a psychological adventure, expert advises

Little Social Life for Autistic Teens, Researchers Say

About half never get called by friends or get invited out, study finds

Some Holiday Traditions Have Health Consequences: Expert

Curbing calories and alcohol intake can help prevent season-related heart attacks, strokes

Health Tip: The Food-Mood Connection

What you eat can affect your state of mind

Study Looks at Nude Images' Effect on the Brain

Human mind more readily processes photos of naked vs. clothed people

Siblings Deeply Affected By Child's Cancer Death

Many kids reported feeling more mature, compassionate

U.S. Voters May Prefer Low-Pitched Male Voice

People perceive sense of leadership, dominance, researchers say

Young Chimps Play Much Like Children Do

Finding could shed light on human behavior, scientists say

People May Lie More Often in Emails, Instant Messages

Study of college students found most truthful talks were face-to-face

Antisocial Personalities May Find Social Niche in Gangs

Gang members seek a place to 'fit in' with others like themselves, study says

Higher Legal Drinking Age May Mean Safer Lives for Women

Study found lower suicide, homicide risk when drinking age was 21

Does a Gene Make People Seem Kinder?

Specific DNA might alter personality, or ways of expressing feelings, small study suggests

Smart Kids More Likely to Try Illicit Drugs as Young Adults

High IQ at age 5 or 10 linked to raised risk of illegal drug use by age 30, study finds

Childhood Aggression May Predict Health Woes in Adulthood

But 'likeability' was linked to lower use of health services later on, study says

Can Facial Flaws Cost You the Job?

Scars, birthmarks may draw interviewer's attention away from conversation, study finds

Watch Scary Movie, Sell Your Stocks?

Study found people projected fear from film onto financial decisions

Aggressive Drivers Often Identify With Their Vehicles

Seeing your car as an extension of yourself may raise your risk for accidents, research shows

Suicide Checklist Spots People at Highest Risk

Every doctor's office visit should include the assessment, researcher says

People Seem More Likely to Follow Rules They Can't Beat

But if restrictions aren't absolute, rebellion more likely, study finds

Health Tip: Dealing With a Picky Eater

Suggestions to help ensure that your child gets all necessary nutrients

Health Tip: How to Keep Anger in Check

Breathe, relax and focus

Drowsy Driving 'Unacceptable,' But One-Third Do It: Poll

Prevention tips include pulling over for a coffee and a short nap, travel safety experts advise

Teens With a Deployed Parent May Be More Prone to Violence

Military kids at greater risk of fighting, carrying weapons and joining gangs, study finds

Experts Design 'Toolkit' to Help Spot Teens With Mental Health Issues

Many adolescents with problems are never diagnosed or treated, they say

Will Eating Sweets Make You Sweeter?

Researchers find link between food preferences and personality

Bond With Teacher Can Help Curb Aggression in Kids

Twins study suggests student-teacher relationship counters genetic disposition to bad behavior

Parental Training May Benefit ADHD Kids Under 6: Report

Researchers find no evidence that meds help these youngsters, but parents' program seems effective

BPA Exposure in Womb Linked to Behavioral Woes in Girls

Study found they were more likely to be anxious, hyperactive as toddlers

Some Kids Respond Better to ADHD Drug Than Others

Gene variant may predict which children do better on methylphenidate

Teen Drivers Prone to 'G-Force' Errors, Researchers Say

Sudden braking, high-speed turns and other common mistakes contribute to higher crash rate

Music Aimed at Teens Often Promotes Drinking: Study

Lyrics commonly associate alcohol brand names with luxury lifestyle, partying, research shows

Teens' IQ May Fluctuate Over Time: Study

Changes in test scores were reflected in changes in certain brain areas, scientists say

More Facebook Friends, More Gray Matter in Brain?

Finding could explain why some people are more social than others, researchers say

'Screen-Free' Play Best for Toddlers' Brains

Even 'educational' programming is less healthy than independent play, experts say

Profanity on TV Linked to Foul-Mouthed Kids

But study doesn't confirm 4-letter words in media cause kids to cuss

Kids Can Be Tougher on Obese Peers

Study found this way especially true if children felt 'problem' traits were others' own fault

Helping Teens Fend Off Attacks by Cyberbullies

Self-confidence and understanding how the Internet works may help head off problems

Couples Can Pay a Price for Materialism

Money often a significant source of conflict for those who have it, study shows