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Multitasking Either Makes or Breaks Job Satisfaction: Study

New tool aims to help employers determine if worker will suffer burnout, researcher says

Feeling Introspective? Your Brain Structure May Be Key

Those good at 'thinking about thinking' have more gray matter in certain area of the brain, scans show

Smoke-Free Laws May Help Kids Breathe Easier

Scottish study showed 18 percent annual decline in childhood asthma hospitalizations

Autistic Children Don't Seem to Yawn 'Contagiously'

Study suggests this behavior may signal a lack of recognition of others' feelings

Good Preschools May Prevent Problem Behaviors Later

Low-income tots who had high-quality child care were less aggressive at ages 7 to 11, study found

Notions of Personal 'Sacrifice' Help Docs Take Gifts From Industry

Study suggests drug/device companies can play to physicians' need for 'appreciation'

Action-Packed Video Games May Be Good for You After All

Decision-making improves with frequent shoot-'em-up play, study finds

Hand Washing Habit Finally Catching On: U.S. Study

Hygiene has improved since 2007, but most still don't wash after coughing, sneezing

Two New Programs Aim to Prevent, Treat Childhood Obesity

U.S. National Institutes of Health investing $72 million in effort to curb growing problem

Health Tip: Help Kids Do Their Homework

What role a parent should play

Heavy Drinking Part of Social Acceptance for Young: Study

This process needs to be considered when creating anti-drinking campaigns, researcher says

Male Partners May Be Key Influence on Birth Control Use

Young women twice as likely to use contraception if their mate strongly favors its use, study finds

Health Tip: Quit Thumb Sucking

Encourage your child to stop

Infants May Display Subtle Autism Signs at 6 Months: Study

Infrequent gazing at others without prompting may be a tip-off, researchers say

Proximity Affects Influence of Online 'Health Buddies'

Study finds long-distance friends less likely to sway behavior than close-knit social networks

Seniors Get Boost From Bad News About the Young

Study found older people preferred negative stories about younger folks

New College Students Urged to Confront Their Social Anxiety

Understanding fears is the first step in conquering them, expert advises

Alcoholics Overestimate Their Ability to Recall Things: Study

They may believe their memory is as good as non-alcoholics, but tests show otherwise

Bird Flu Detection Takes a Novel Turn

Mice trained to zero in on infected duck feces in USDA experiment

Does Hope Have a Dark Side?

Some see yearning for a cure for a chronic illness as counterproductive

U.S. Child Abuse Cases Falling, Despite Recession

Worsening economy has not led to higher incidence between 2007-08, researchers say

Parents Who Clash More Likely to Spank Kids

Corporal punishment of 3-years-old twice as likely in these homes, study says

Parenting 101: How to Let Go as Your Child Heads Off to College

Keep in touch, but give them independence and privacy, expert recommends

Judging When Alcohol's Effects Wear Off Not Easy, Study Finds

Driving skills still impaired after drinkers think they're sober, research shows

Financial Incentives May Speed Radiology Test Results

Program that rewarded fast report turnaround cut delays, researchers found

Health Tip: When Baby Throws a Tantrum

Here are possible triggers

Teen Survey Finds Gangs, Drugs Common in U.S. Schools

Over one-quarter of respondents say both problems infect their school environment

Kids Seem More Likely to Reject Those Whose Eyes Cross

Study suggests children over 6 with misaligned eye may be at social disadvantage

Palliative Care May Boost Mood, Survival

Lung cancer patients had better quality of life, longer survival, study finds

Stressful Social Situations May Be Physically Harmful in Some

If immune system reacts with inflammation, repeated stress can lead to chronic disease, study finds

Many Depressed People Have Mild, Brief Episodes of Mania

Researchers say these individuals might be at raised risk for bipolar disorder

Hostile, Competitive Types May Be Harming Their Hearts

Italian study finds personality linked to a thickening of neck artery wall

Web Connection Raises Chances of Romance

Study found having Internet access helps those having tough time finding a mate

Being an Only Child Won't Harm Social Skills: Study

Kids without siblings just as popular as others, U.S. research shows

How Teen Sex Affects Education

In romantic relationships it's academically harmless but less so in casual pairings, study finds

Culture a Big Influence on Suicidal Behavior: Expert

Efforts at prevention should take societal patterns into account, research suggests

Anger Focuses Attention on Rewards, Not Threats: Study

How a person's emotions motivate them seems to influence behavior, researchers say

Bond With Dad May Play Role in Whether Men 'Stress Out'

Daily annoyances more apt to irk those who didn't get along with father, researchers say

One Troubled Adult Child a Drag on Parents' Mental Health

And other children's successes don't outweigh the negative, study finds

Spanking Remains Common, Studies Show

Nearly 80% of preschool children are still disciplined this way, U.S. researchers estimate

Many Parents Fret Over Time Kids Spend on Phones, Computers

Survey sponsors urge parents to use media to communicate with teens

Competing For a Mate May Shorten Men's Lives, Study Suggests

Growing up in environments where males outnumber females linked to 3 months less life span

For College Freshmen, Leaving Home May Bring Mixed Emotions

University offers helpful advice to ease transition for students and their parents

Ethicists Charge Doctor With Trying to Prevent Homosexuality in the Womb

But Dr. Maria New and supporters say she's helping children avoid a rare congenital disorder

Narcissistic Men Typically Direct Their Rage at Straight Women

Self-centered, entitled men see women as gold diggers, teases, experts claim

Substance Abuse Rates Low in Hispanic Americans: U.S. Report

Alcohol, drug use lower among this group overall than the national average, study found

Number of Obese Adults Keeps Rising, CDC Says

Overall obesity level now close to 27%, and minorities are hit hardest, report finds

Women More Attracted When Men Wear Red: Study

It's the color of power, status, researchers say

Addictive Internet Use Tied to Depression in Teens

Even healthy ones can run into trouble with too much use, researchers say

Hand Gestures Seem to Give Politicians' True Feelings Away

Motions used while speaking may reveal what the person is really thinking, research shows