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Seasonal Changes Can Put Teens' Sleep/Wake Cycles Off Track

Longer daylight hours in spring spur hormonal changes linked to late bedtimes, less sleep, study finds

When Others Drink, Your Genes May Lead You to Join Them

Specific DNA seems to trigger response to social drinking cues, study finds

Health Tip: Does Your Child Have a Behavior Disorder?

When behavior goes beyond typical mischief or rebellion

Health Tip: Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Help ease your youngster's fear

Level of Parent-Child Conflict Seems to Differ Among Nations

Study finds higher rates of disharmony in U.S. families

Americans Seem More Prone to Depression Than Russians

'Negative' cultural tendency may insulate people against distress, research indicates

Meditation Appears to Boost Attention Span

Ability to make fine visual distinctions, sustain focus improved in study participants

'Get Moving' Can Be Vital Advice for Seniors

For those who start and stick with physical activity, benefits abound, experts say

Consumers Overestimate Ability to Master New Products: Study

Once they realize it's tougher than they thought, many give up, researchers say

Autistic Kids Often Fussier Eaters, but Nutrition OK

Slower, pickier eating can arise in infancy, but growth tends to be unimpaired, study finds

Good Luck Charms Might Just Work

Superstitions may boost confidence, performance, researchers find

Gay Couples Vulnerable to HIV When Monogamy Is Unsure

Survey finds that for 8 percent of couples, one partner believes bond is monogamous, but other does not

Too Many Tots Watching Too Much TV: Study

Oregon study finds 1 in 5 young kids exposed to more than the recommended 2 hours a day

Health Tip: Take Steps Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Don't try to do everything at once

Method of Failed Suicide May Predict Successful Attempt

Those who first try hanging, suffocation tend to eventually kill themselves, research shows

Can Self-Hypnosis Help Tourette Patients Control Tics?

Small study finds benefit for young people, but another expert says the research is too preliminary

Lifestyle Interventions Needed to Stay Heart-Healthy

American Heart Association outlines strategies in a new scientific statement

Survey Links Puberty to Violent Behavior

U.S.-Australian study finds mid-stage puberty a time for trouble

'Expecting the Unexpected' Doesn't Always Work, Study Suggests

People primed to see one novel occurrence can still miss others, researchers find

For Teenage Girls, Competition Cuts Both Ways: Study

But teens of both sexes win when their goal is self-improvement, researchers suggest

Decline in U.S. Teen Smoking Rate Stalls

Goal of reducing rate to 16 percent by 2010 won't be met, CDC says

Mental Health Woes Plague 'Cyberbullies' and Their Victims

Harassment of vulnerable teens via cell phone, Web is a growing problem, experts say

Later School Start Times May Foster Better Students

High school pushed back start of day by 30 minutes, with good results

Prison Games Hint at Psychopathy, Brain Damage: Study

Playing style of diagnosed inmates similar to those with certain type of brain damage, study found

Love in Her Eyes? You're Likely a He-Man, Study Says

Researchers see evolutionary advantage to sizing up a choice mate fast

Older Folks Watch More TV, Get Less Out of It

Those over 65 devote three times more of their waking hours to TV than younger people, study finds

Eating Disorders, Addictions Tough to Treat in Teens

What works in adult patients may not help younger people, experts say

Health Tip: Dealing With Picky Eaters

Suggestions to get them to eat

School-Based Efforts May Help Curb Obesity in High-Risk Kids

But results for student population as a whole are less clear, researchers say

Your Intellect Might Be Reflected in Your Body Symmetry

People with equal measurements on right, left sides tend to be smarter, analysis suggests

What You Touch May Make You a 'Softie' or Play 'Hard Ball'

In experiments, holding hard, heavy objects tied to tougher attitudes, scientists say

Health Tip: Living With Arthritis Pain

A positive outlook often helps

Warm But Watchful Parents Can Keep Kids From Heavy Drinking

Parenting style has a lot to do with whether bad habits form, survey finds

Study Shows Courage Sparks Certain Parts of Brain

Finding could lead to treatment for fear, researchers say

Religious Teens Seem Less Prone to Alcohol Abuse

But piety only trumps genetic tendencies until early adulthood, study finds

Chimps Kill Neighbors to Gain New Territory

A decade of observation of one large community finds they take over land after attack

People May Skip Soft Drinks Rather Than Pay More

When cost increased, consumption dropped, study found

Pro-Eating Disorder Sites Abound on the Internet

Online 'thinspiration' is a mouse click away for vulnerable youth, study finds

Rats Appear to Be Born With a Sense of Direction

Building blocks for a navigational system noted in pup brains at birth, researchers say

Shared Opinions Light Up Brain's 'Reward Center'

Finding your thoughts validated by others brings mental satisfaction, study finds

Botox May Temporarily Paralyze Emotions, Too

Facial expressions provide sensory feedback to the brain that influences feelings, research shows

Honesty Helps Young Girls Build Better Relationships

Those inclined to speak their mind had less depression, more self-esteem, researcher found

Health Tip: Coping With Stress

Steps toward a less-pressured lifestyle

Preschoolers' Skills Get Boost From Confident Teachers

Emotional support in classroom enhances gains in language, literacy, study finds

More School Friends May = Better Grades

Teens whose pals are mostly from school have higher GPAs, study finds

Childhood Adversity May Affect Pregnancy Later in Life

Study links family issues and neglect to premature births and small babies

Genetics Linked to Gambling Problems in Both Genders

More research needed to find specific genes, study authors say

Consistent Bedtime May Give Kids Developmental Boost

Preschoolers should routinely get at least 11 hours each night, experts say

Clean House Linked to Better Fitness

People who take care of their home tend to get more exercise, research finds

Coffee's Jolt Just an Illusion?

Study finds regular drinkers need it simply to return to normal state of alertness