Another Difference Between Men and Women

Their bodies react differently to an argument

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(HealthDayNews) -- When couples get into an argument, blood pressures begin to rise. That's a fact.

But according to the journal Health Psychology, there is a real difference in men's and women's blood pressure response during an argument.

Women's blood pressure begins to rise as soon as they get angry, even if they're showing complete self-control.

Men may be angry, but their blood pressure doesn't begin to go up until they start talking quickly, and this applies even if they aren't particularly angry about anything -but-are-only-speaking-quickly -to-try-to-get-in-a-lot-of-words-and-get -the-point-across-because-they-have-a-lot -to-say-and-very-little-time -to-get-it-all-in.

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