Child Bookworms

How to get your kids to read more

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(HealthDayNews) -- Are you struggling to get your video-game-playing kids to read more?

New York University suggests these strategies:

  • Fill your home with lots of different reading materials, including books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Show -- rather than tell -- your kids what they can learn from what they read. For example, bake cookies using a recipe from a magazine.
  • Read aloud to your children every day, even after they've learned to read by themselves.
  • Encourage your toddlers to tell you stories based on pictures they see in books.
  • Make frequent trips to the library with your kids and let them choose their own reading materials.
  • Plan activities related to books they enjoy, like a trip to the zoo if they like animal stories.
  • Children love hearing the same story over and over, so share their enthusiasm. Avoid saying something like, "Oh no, not this book again."

- - Felicity Stone

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