Health Tip: Allow Yourself to Grieve

Here's how

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(HealthDay News) -- While you're grieving because of a major life change or loss, you need time to cope. offers these suggestions to help manage grieving:

  • Accept your loss, and deal with your feelings. Ignoring your emotions may lead to emotional and physical problems later.
  • Be creative in expressing your emotions. Try writing in a journal, writing a letter or creating a photo album or scrapbook.
  • Stay physically healthy with a good diet, plenty of sleep and regular exercise.
  • Avoid using drugs and alcohol to deal with grief.
  • Allow yourself to grieve on your own schedule. Express whatever emotions you feel -- cry, laugh or just be sad.
  • Know that grief may re-emerge at certain times, such as on birthdays or holidays. Don't let it surprise you, and try to prepare for it as much as you can.


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