Health Tip: Managing Your Emotions

Suggestions to help understand and express your feelings

(HealthDay News) -- Understanding and controlling your emotions is as important as managing your physical health.

Here are suggestions from the American Academy of Family Physicians that may help:

  • Express your feelings, but do it in an appropriate way. Don't keep your emotions bottled up. Talk to a close friend or relative if something is bothering you.
  • Don't ignore your emotions. If talking with a close friend or relative doesn't work, seek professional help.
  • Prepare before you act out emotionally. Don't simply lash out in anger, frustration or sadness, or you may regret what you say.
  • Achieve a healthy balance of work, play and relaxation, remembering to look for the positive in all situations.
  • Since your physical health affects you emotionally, eat a healthy diet, avoid drugs and alcohol, and get frequent exercise.
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