Health Tip: Stop Your Child From Biting

Suggestions to break the habit

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(HealthDay News) -- Young children often bite out of frustration, anger and emotions that they don't otherwise know how to express.

Here are suggestions on how to break a child's biting habit, courtesy of the Center for Effective Parenting:

  • Watch what prompts the child to bite -- such as large playgroups or playing with certain toys -- and try to change or avoid those situations.
  • Place the child promptly in time out after he has bitten, and explain that he is not allowed to return to fun activities until he has calmed down.
  • Explain to the child what she can do instead of biting -- asking an adult for help, for example.
  • Direct your attention to the child who was bitten, and away from the biter. If the child bites for attention, he will learn that there are more effective ways to get it.


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