Health Tip: Taming a Temper Tantrum

Suggestions to calm your child

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(HealthDay News) - Temper tantrums are a child's means of expressing anger at an age where they haven't learned or adopted other coping methods.

The C.S. Mott Children's Hospital offers these suggestions to help manage your child's temper tantrums:

  • If the tantrum is triggered by frustration, offer support, encouragement, and help with what's frustrating the child.
  • If the tantrum appears to be a way to get attention or to get the child's way, try to ignore it. Never give in to the child's demands when expressed this way.
  • Try to anticipate and avoid a tantrum by giving the child a five-minute warning. If the child doesn't end up where you want the child to be, physically carry the child there.
  • If the child becomes extremely loud or violent, send the child to his or her bedroom for a two-to-five-minute timeout.
  • If your child seems out of control or could cause self-injury, hold the child for about one to three minutes until you feel the child's body begin to relax.


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