In Gym Dandee Shape

And how to stay that way

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(HealthDayNews) -- If you've joined a gym to meet people and exercise, you'll probably end up paying for the membership but finding dozens of excuses not to go.

The right way, researchers say, is to find a friend first and go to the gym together.

That advice comes from the journal Preventive Medicine, via a study conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program. The study included 2,636 women, ages 20 to 65.

While most of the women were busy with work, children and other responsibilities, the women most likely to find time to exercise were the ones who had lots of positive social support. They wound up being more self assured and more motivated.

Women who were most likely not to exercise were those who were overweight and out of shape. By contrast, those who were in good physical condition somehow managed to find the time to stay that way.

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