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No Broccoli, Mom!

Some ideas for getting kids to eat vegetables

(HealthDayNews) -- Do your kids scrunch their noses and say yuk! every time you serve vegetables like broccoli or peas with their meals?

While getting kids to eat their veggies can sometimes feel like an exercise in futility, you shouldn't give up. Rather, try these tactics suggested by the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto:

  • Let your kids help you pick out a vegetable at the farmer's market.
  • Let them help you prepare it.
  • Try serving it a different way -- raw if you usually cook it, or lightly steamed if you usually serve it raw.
  • Let them dip it.
  • Give it a funny name.
  • Serve it when your kids are hungry.
  • Seat your child next to a child who loves vegetables, and let peer pressure take over.
  • Don't assume your child will never like it. Some children take longer than others to feel comfortable with certain foods.
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