Why You Crave Greasy Food

Especially when you're very hungry

(HealthDayNews) -- Yesterday, when you weren't really hungry but wanted a snack, you reached for celery sticks and a low-fat dip. Today, you 're really hungry, and this time what you really want is potato chips -- the kettle fried kind -- greasy, salty, and maybe with some French onion dip.

Ever wonder why?

The journal Organic Behavior and the Human Decision Process says it's just human nature.

When you aren't hungry, you'll think in terms of healthful snacks -- fruits and vegetables. But when hunger hits, when you're ready to eat right now, that's when you want the unhealthy snacks.

That's also why you have a kitchen filled with baby carrots and oranges, and you're standing on tiptoes looking for the crumbs from an old bag of tortilla chips.

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