Health Tip: When Teens Are Depressed

Don't try to get through it alone

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(HealthDay News) -- Every teen has occasional bouts with bad moods.

But when these feelings become debilitating or last for weeks or months, they could be a sign of depression. says the most important thing teens can do is talk to others about what they're going through. The group offers these suggestions:

  • Talk to friends, school counselors, parents, family, or teachers about your feelings.
  • If school, grades, or exams are contributing to depression, talk to your teachers and guidance counselors for support.
  • If you're worried about being pregnant, talk to your doctor or a family planning clinic.
  • Stay busy, and surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good about yourself. Avoid people involved with drugs and alcohol.
  • Talk to your doctor about whether medication and counseling are appropriate options.


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